Port of Alesund is organized as an inter-municipal cooperation between municipalities Sula, Giske, Haram and Alesund.

Municipalities in the inter-municipal cooperation has different structures and different types of shipping and port operations. Altogether port operations a complete service to the maritime industry. The region is a maritime "cluster" with extensive services to industry within a confined geographical area.

Port of Alesund manages and operates all municipal port infrastructure as well as to guide shipping traffic in the local authority areas of sea, including all municipal piers. Shipping fee and other costs for using port infrastructure and the use of the council's sea area. All vessels are required to notify their calls at the Port Authority through an arrival notice. If this is not possible, vessels report their arrival at VHF, fax, telephone or mobile.

Port Authority is required by law and regulations to report statistics to Statistics Norway (SSB) on Calls and goods. The statistics are also used internally by the Port Authority to monitor developments and trends in port activities which we are responsible. Port Users can use our forms to the reporting of call, cargo and port (port security). Port Authority also provides basic information about shortsea shipping and possible boats for transportation of goods. This can help care owners to determine the best path forward for their goods.

Cruise traffic is important harbor in that it is visible and popular in the urban landscape. Cruise is a priority for port services and improvements and adaptations are made continuously to fulfill this commitment. Pleasure boats are a large and visible part of the traffic in the summer. This is especially localized in the inner harbor. In summer Ålesund Boat Festival seating arrangements in and around the basin.