History of the port

The harbor has been the artery of Ålesunds life since the first tentative settlement was born. The inlets and coves that town wreaths around, has been the foundation for everything that has since grown.

  • Center

    The harbor has been the centerpiece of the daily life and work through the generations - it has always been a favorite place in inhabitants from Alesund heart, and it has lived through several major eras. The Dutch timber trade, uteliggeperiodene, Spanish time, Swedish fleet with the first deck boats and herring adventure right up to the present time, all epochs of has resulted in continuous development. The harbor and the city has developed in parallel.

  • Possibilities

    Without these natural and striking port facilities there would never have been any city in this place. That right Alesund should be the navel due to chance is claimed.

  • Dried cod

    After recovery towards the end of the 1700s came the war years (1808-1812) as a setback. Peace led to brighter times and foreign trade increased. The dried cod came - and it should be the great and supporting pillar of the Alesundske export structure right up to today. The first direct exports from the port of Alesund abroad took place in 1823. The foundation was created for an independent shipping industry in Alesund

  • Milestone

    1828 is the 27th anniversary in the history of Aalesund harbour, while a milestone in the city's development. This day was the first Port Authority constituted. Now Aalesund received its own port box. The starting point was that the municipal port authority would not fall treasuries or the Treasury to burden. In the first decade - that ever since - came Aalesund Port Authority in and supported the expansion and development that took place in the city of marine life."

  • The fishing fleet

    Through all the years Alesund been an important port for fishing boats, and to meet the changing and growing needs of this fleet has had on various service functions, has always been a high priority for Alesund Port Authority. From being an export port for raw materials and semi-finished products, it has during the years after the war become more and more influenced by modern container and cargo traffic with high value-added products for both the Norwegian and the international market.

  • Tradition

    Alesund harbor also has a long tradition and a reputation as a cruise port, and in recent years there has been a significant growth in this area. The airport's location is beneficial for vessels sailing on the Fjord and North Cape Cruise