Vessel traffic

This page provides an overview of ships in the port of Alesund. This is based on records in the port's computer system, and provides information on vessels located in the harbor (arriving), vessels that are expected on the basis of orders as well as orders of cruise ships for the current season.

Under vessels in port, you get out information from two ports - Aalesund and Hareid. For Alesund report includes all vessel traffic within the port area of ​​the municipality of Giske, Haram, Sula and Aalesund. 

Expected Calls lists the calls that will arrive at the port of Aalesund based on information from the owner, agent, master or other parties. 

Cruise Ports report contains information about cruise ships for the current season. It is launched by year end. In addition, any obtain information about cruise ships from the previous year.

An image of the ships also from information provided by AIS real-time map - (Automatic Identification System). This information is based on real-time.